At one time, there was only a campground and shifting dunes.
Now it is Holden Beach West.

Development began in the area that is now near the entrance gate into our community. Little by little, the neighborhood grew into what it is today–160 properties of the more than 2000 on the entire island. For nearly twenty-five years, there was a guard shack in the middle of the road designating the area as a private community. Having survived three hurricanes, the little building met its waterloo from a vehicular accident in 2013. Keeping pace with the times, entrance and exit arms along with 24-hour surveillance cameras now monitor those coming and going.

Some neighbors have retired here and others visit as they can. Many home owners rent during the summer season; the privacy of the area is appreciated. Kids selling lemonade, a Dad and young children riding bikes, endless shelling, and the opportunity to observe the activities of the island’s turtle patrol make this a special place.

When the other seasons of the year come along and life for working HBW owners takes family members elsewhere, fewer folks are around and a quiet settles in. Every season has its pleasures and is enhanced by the serene views of the ocean and the marshlands. Distant sounds of nymphs and mermaids draw the sleepy lounger into a mesmerized tranquility.

The community is shepherded by a volunteer Board of Directors who welcomes your observations, your comments, your suggestions, and your volunteer efforts as well.

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 1680
Shallotte, NC 28459